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Several years ago (about 1994), Tanya & I decided that we wanted a Teardrop Trailer, mainly my Grandparents or one that looked like it. After several years of looking and finding nothing within my price range. We decided to get a Vintage Travel Trailer and bought a 1956 Dalton for $325. With the Dalton now being about 95% restored and putting up with my friends in SCTT for about three years and not being able to find my Grandparents old Tear,

it was now time to build one like it. So after much dead end research and long Discussions with my Teardrop friends, we came to the conclusion, that my grandparents Tear was the shape of a Kenskill, doors

of a Modernistic, paint scheme of a Kit. Had 46 Chevy fenders on it, was 10 to 11 feet long and about 5 feet wide with 15 wheels and Plymouth flipper hub caps. Piece of cake :)

So right off the
bat, I started
looking for another travel trailer. This time an early 13
footer, and found one for $200. This page and the next
few will show the way I'm trying to build one like my

Grandparents. There will be some modern updates and other ideas inside, but the outside will be close.

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